Martin Morrissey B.Sc App. Sc DRM

Massage Therapy

Martin Morriessy Acupunture

Martin has worked 26 years in the health industry, 10 as a nurse (mainly on orthopaedic wards) and the last 16 as an acupuncturist and massage therapist at Healthwise and other clinics in the city and the northside.

He has also tutored acupuncture at the University of Technology Sydney, taught massage at Meadowbank TAFE and written and presented health features for radio. Giving his clients the best possible advice on learning to take control of their own health and fitness is an important part of what he does here at Healthwise.

So much of our musculo-skeletal (and internal) health is dependant on good blood circulation throughout your body, massage and acupuncture are effective therapies in helping to achieve this. Martin combines Chinese, Japanese and Western styles of massage with Chinese acupuncture and he has experience with resistance training, yoga, tai chi and chi gong, matching the right exercise for your individual needs is an important part of health management.

Getting and staying fit and healthy is usually about doing the simple things well and consistently. Doing age appropriate regular exercise, being continuously posture conscious, sleeping and eating well, drinking enough water and creatively managing stress are things that in theory most of us accept but not all of us do. Martin has easy to learn strategies that make doing the simple things easier to integrate into your lifestyle.

Martin is fully insured, in possession of a current first aid certificate and is recognized by all of the major and most of the minor health funds. He also knows when he has done all he can for you and when it is appropriate to refer you onto other health professionals who can do the things that he cannot.

If you visit Martin’s blog at you will get a good idea of his knowledge base and approach to his work.

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